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December 12, 2017

What's Included with Car Detailing?

what’s included with car detailing Steve's Detailing & Hand Car Wash DenverAt Steve’s Detailing in Denver, we’re often asked what’s included with car detailing. Does it really go above and beyond what you can get from a neighborhood car wash? Absolutely. Is it worth spending a bit more? If you want your car to last longer, look better and retain its value, you bet. Your automobile will simply receive the best care at Steve’s Detailing. Come in and see for yourself, but first, check out just what to expect from our first-class car detailing services.


Carpeting, seating, and all interior surfaces will be addressed with a proper auto detail service. Even the inside of your car is exposed to free radicals, dust, and sticky substances such as soda, coffee, gum, snack crumbs and so much more. These surfaces will get a cleaning, either with shampoo or steam, and a shine up with the appropriate products. Leather gets cleaned and conditioned. Even the trunk compartment will get the attention it deserves at Steve's Detailing!

Engine Compartment

When it comes to what’s included with car detailing, we know the engine needs attention too! Sprayed with a degreaser first, the engine will get a thorough hand wash to remove all grease and dirt. All seals including runner, plastic, and silicone then get a sealer application.

Exterior Paint

As the most noticeable part of an auto detail, the exterior will receive several layers of care. First is a wash. We get off all of that dirt, and grime picked up on the road. After a thorough washing comes removal of contaminants on the clear coat, such as tar and metal particles. Next up is the polishing and waxing for the most brilliant shine and protection, so you can head back out on the road for more adventure, looking smooth.


Whether chrome or plastic, we’ll get your trim looking great with a cleaning, shine up, and sealer to protect it from everything it will encounter back out on the road. You will notice less fading and cracking after our extensive car detail service. Exhaust tips get a polish too!

Headlights and Taillights

As they do a ton for you out on the road, our car detailing team can give your headlights and taillights special attention with our restoration services. Any signs of oxidation will be wiped off of the map with extreme care. Afterwards, a seal is applied to ensure further protection from the elements.

Wheels and Chassis

Under your car, the chassis, the wheels, the tires, inside of the wheel wells, suspension components, the splash guards, and inner fender liner, all of these will receive a thorough washing and or corrosion protectant application which will prevent further cracking and wear.

Taking the extra time and attention to do the job right helps our clients keep their vehicles in the best shape possible. So now that you know what’s included with car detailing, bring your auto to Steve’s Detailing in Denver for a luxurious spa day. You and your car will love it, and you only get the best car detailing services available with our team on the job.

December 1, 2017

How to Keep a Classic Car Clean

How to Keep a Classic Car Clean Steve's Detailing & Hand Car Wash DenverLearn how to keep a classic car clean from the experts at Steve’s Detailing in Denver. Classic cars are in a category of their own and must be handled with care. We take the utmost care of our client’s vehicles, and it shows in the results we provide. Keep your classic car impeccable with help from the team of expert auto detailers this year. We know how to do it right at Steve’s.

Check out these helpful tips on how to keep your classic car clean between car detailing.


Over the years, car upholstery can really take a beating. Whether the original or reupholstered, there is a great trick to employ in order to get rid of grease stains left over by food or even engine oil. Sprinkle the area with baby powder or talc powder. After letting it rest at least half an hour, brush off with a nylon brush then vacuum thoroughly to remove the remaining powder.


We’ve got another great trick for getting ground in junk out of the carpeting. Using compressed air (but not too much), spray the carpeting to get out the dirt, especially from the corners and edges. Use a sweeping motion. Then use your regular vacuum to pick up all of that loosened dirt easily and efficiently.


We have found that cotton is a great material to use in order to get out all of the dust from seams in the dashboard and surrounding control panels. Your vents for heating and gauges will look a lot better after.


Often, classic cars have old and faded stickers still attached. With your fingernail, slowly peel up the old label and continue gently until it is completely removed. If you were not able to get it all up, then using a rag dampened with alcohol, saturate the rest of the sticker for easy removal. Use a streak-free cleaner to finish the job and get your windows clean.


You may notice imperfections on the exterior surface, such as bubbling in the paint, etc. Avoid flicking or compressing these. If touched or exposed, it could lead to a much bigger paint chip and visible flaw.


Using a soft cotton rag, touch up all chrome trim. Avoid touching it with your fingers as it smudges easily and believe it or not, the oils in our hands can deteriorate the metal.

Hood and Trunk

It’s essential to clean under the hood and inside of the trunk of your classic car, especially if you are planning to showcase it in an upcoming car show. Use a plastic sheet to cover the engine and trunk space in order to get at it thoroughly to clean.


When it comes to how to keep a classic car clean, you may need to remove individual parts to perform a thorough engine cleaning and be sure to use a bright light in order to see it all clearly while doing so.


You are definitely going to want to get out the grime from the wheels. A great way to get in there is by using a toothbrush. Get to all of those crevices and spokes with a nylon brush for best results. Use caution when choosing a cleaning solution though, as some can do more harm than good!

Well, now that you have the scoop on how to keep a classic car clean, you can do the job yourself or bring your beauty to the professionals at Steve’s Detailing in Denver. We hope to see you soon!

November 20, 2017

Car Detailing Helps Vehicles Sell Faster

Car Detailing Helps Vehicles Sell Faster Steve's Detailing & Hand Car Wash DenverAt Steve’s Detailing in Denver, we have no doubt that car detailing helps vehicles sell faster. Like many people, you may change cars every 5-6 years so that you can try out new makes and models. By properly maintaining your car, it will last longer, retain value and you can resell at a higher price. That’s a good thing! At Steve’s Detailing, we help our clients fetch better prices by helping them maintain a beautiful interior and exterior.

Here, we will outline the essential elements of preserving the quality and value of your vehicle and explain how car detailing helps vehicles sell faster.


As the first thing that a prospective buyer sees when shopping for a new vehicle, the paint job is an essential element to keep up. Patchy or dull paint will deter potential buyers who may see it as a red flag that overall maintenance of the vehicle was not attended to properly. Keep the paint on your car looking great year round with regular visits to the detailer. We will ensure that fewer scratches and chips de-value your vehicle by carefully applying paint-preserving waxes.


The tires on your car a biggy for preserving its integrity through the years. Tire rotation and alignment are related to the tires, so be sure all maintenance is performed properly. Also, get them cleaned and polished regularly –that doesn’t mean a quick spray and wipe of wheel shine. Well-maintained tires will keep you safer on the road and show buyers your pride of ownership.


Keep your headlights brighter with frequent car detailing. The wash and waxing of headlights will avoid the dulling effect so common in neglected vehicles. It will also show buyers another maintenance element kept up, increase the resale value, and give them the confidence to buy from you. In the meantime, it will make your drive a more enjoyable and safer one every night.


The heart of any car, the engine needs loving too! With a professional detail, the engine will also get washing which will, in turn, keeps the engine compartment and components operating at optimum levels. Cleanliness in the engine compartment will also help to identify any issues present. Regular maintenance and engine cleaning is a key to successfully keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape and will be noticed whether you sell private party or trade in your car.


Vehicle interiors are another of the main aspects that potential buyers notice. Keeping your interior in good shape will dramatically increase the resale value and buyer confidence, as well as the enjoyment you have while driving. With an auto detail service provided on a regular basis, your car interior will look and smell great all of the time.

While frequent car detailing helps vehicles sell faster when that time comes, it will also provide an enjoyable experience as long as you own it. So, come into the experts at Steve’s Detailing in Denver to get the most out of your car with professional and thorough auto detailing services. Our commitment to quality is seen in all that we do. Contact us today for an appointment.

November 3, 2017

How Road Salt Affects Your Car

How Road Salt Affects Your Car Steve's Detailing DenverAt Steve’s Detailing, we know how road salt affects your car. It can really wreak havoc. The strong and corrosive chemicals plus salt applied to the road during the winter time are more extreme than we realize. Keep your vehicle protected with a trip to Steve’s Detailing to ensure that these irreversibly corrosive agents do not deteriorate the integrity of your car. Here’s an overview of how road salt affects your car, and what to do about it.

It is hard to say just what chemicals have been used on the icy and slick surfaces of snowy (and icy) winter roads. But a list of what is often used includes: sodium chloride (salt), calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium acetate, and calcium magnesium acetate. If any of these have been used, car detailing is recommended as they will take several days or more to begin washing away on their own. Remember that driving on a surface shortly after being treated with any of these will definitely affect your vehicle as they are all highly corrosive. They are made in order to de-ice and they do an excellent job of it, but they also will destroy your vehicle if left to sit and do their work.

As you drive, dirt, dust, objects, and these chemicals will get flung up into the undercarriage of your vehicle. There they will sit and start eating away at the metal and other materials. Needless to say, this is very bad. If left to their devices, these chemicals will eat through your car metal. Additionally, a quickie drive-thru washing will only settle the chemical residue into the hard to reach cracks and crevices of the undercarriage and continue to eat away at it. A thorough and professional hand washing and detail are key to stopping corrosion in its tracks.

All of the chemicals mentioned above attract and retain moisture; they are also known as hygroscopic. So not only are they corrosive by themselves, but they draw moisture, which will lead to rust much faster. The wheel wells, door panels, shock absorbers and more are in danger of the effects of road salt. If not sufficiently and expertly detailed, over time, this will cost a lot of money to repair and restore the vehicle.

Now that you know how road salt affects your car, you can avoid the destructive outcome with the help of Steves Detailing in Denver, Colorado. Not only will we completely clean the salt and chemicals off of the vehicle, but we will ensure that they are not pushed deeper into all of the cracks and crevices. Being in the business for years, we know how harsh winters can be on your vehicle and will take the time to thoroughly clean it. We start by first washing off all of the salt and chemicals and later provide a thorough wax to resist the corrosive elements and keep your car protected and ready to face the winter roads. Contact us today for an appointment.

October 15, 2017

Keeping Your Car Clean in Winter

Steve's DetailingKeeping Your Car Clean in Winter Steve's Detailing Denver in Denver knows that keeping your car clean in winter is just as important as keeping it looking good in the summer – all year round for that matter! A clean car not only feels and looks good, but it can also drastically improve the longevity of your car's interior and exterior by years, making it more desirable for a future sale or trade-in.

Here are some essential methods for keeping your car clean in winter weather. In Denver, salt, sand and liquid calcium chloride are sometimes used to keep roads clear and free of ice and snow. Salt and sand are NOT your car's best friend. They will eat away at paint surfaces, destroy interior carpeting when tracked in from your boots, and depreciate your car's worth over time.

Without a doubt, the Denver area is one of those places where winter can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Don't delay in rinsing off, at the bare minimum, your car's exterior, especially after a long journey that has caked your vehicle with debris. Even better, come see our detail experts, and we’ll make sure you’re not left with a rust bucket!

Here are more ways to prepare for the colder winter months ahead:

  • Rubber Mats

If possible, try to take out any carpeting and replace it with rubber matting. Salt will eventually erode through to the metal below, causing rust and wear as well as stains on your carpet. When keeping your car clean in winter, using a spray protector is also a good option for carpet.

  • Winter Tires

Now is the time to switch to winter tires too. You can ask Steve's Detailing to provide an added barrier of protective spray to your tires to increase the protection factor.

  • Car Washing

How often you wash your car is obviously central to keeping your car clean in winter. Stick to an average cycle of every ten days, more if there is a lot of salt or sand. Use only fresh water and a power hose nozzle to get the tough grime off, especially the undercarriage, mud flaps and tire wells. If washing at home, adding a little baking soda to the wash water can help dissolve some of the salt build up. It is best to clean on days when the weather is above 40 degrees or more.

  • Outside Parking

Parking should not even like a concern, but there are pros and cons to parking in a heated garage or outside. When heated in a garage, the salt becomes more corrosive because it is melting, versus outside where it remains frozen. Best to rinse the debris off before parking indoors or get on a regular schedule of car cleaning and detailing.

  • Dry Out

Be sure to dry your vehicle thoroughly after washing. Leave the doors open as well, so that any trapped water can dry out. If possible, reseal and wax surfaces.

  • Practice Safe Driving

Driving through salty puddles and large snow drifts are not suggested but are unavoidable at times.

  • Clean Shoes

Shake off any leaves, snow, or grime from your shoes before entering the vehicle. Keep the inside clean and surfaces protected as much as possible.

Rust will be your main concern during the winter, and by keeping your car clean in winter, you can surely prevent rust from occurring. Moisture trapped within your car MUST be dealt with as soon as possible. Keep areas clean and dry when possible, and have a professional company like Steve's Detailing attend to the sealing and waxing details to keep your vehicle looking good.

Why choose a professional over doing it yourself? Well, time is usually the most significant factor involved. Work, kids, and life, in general, is usually way too busy to even think about a weekly cleaning maintenance on your vehicles. And it’s even more difficult to align perfect car washing weather with your hectic daily schedule. Professional detailing services can take care of all the heavy lifting, often while you’re at work.

Another great reason to choose a professional is the products they use. Industrial products for detailing companies are meant to clean paint and surfaces and interiors without damaging them, getting the best result possible. Most home use products just don't hold up to the cleaning power of professional ones. There is also a sequence to follow when detailing vehicles, and the professionals are experts at getting a super shine!

Waxing and sealant is another critical factor to protecting your vehicle's paint job. Snowplows and pick up trucks are on the road during the winter, spraying up large stones and debris that destroy the exterior paint of your car. Once your vehicle is washed and dried thoroughly, go the extra mile and have a protective wax administered. Steve's Detailing has many options to choose from, including a complete check over for any dings or marks. A good wax should last approximately three months, so it is wise to do this just before winter arrives.

Be sure to check your vehicle often for any dings or chips as you go through the winter season. If you do notice anything, it is best to deal with it promptly to prevent further damage or rust from settling in. Here is where a good detail company comes in handy! It is their job to notice any problems when washing and keeping your car clean in winter. Prevention is one of the most important factors for keeping your vehicle looking its best.

Steve's Detailing is your first line of defense for keeping your car clean in winter. Our experts can even arrange a schedule for your vehicle to keep it looking good and free of dirt, grime, salt and other muck this season. We have several options available, as well as clean, large bays, and employees that know how to make your car shine. We only use professional products that do the job to absolute perfection. Stop by today or schedule your car's day at the spa soon!


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